Company Profile

Earlier we were known as A VALLABHDAS & Sons(Gujarat) but at present we are known as Shree Krishna Engineering Co has been a major supplier of all types water supply material likes Pipes, Valves, Flanges, Water Meter etc., to both domestic, water supply Boards and industrial customers for over 50 years. Shree Krishna Engineering Company has adopted a strong and growing focus on building relationships with franchisees, and customers.

In that time, we’ve built a reputation of being professional, reliable and competent in all aspects of the work we perform. As a result, we have built reputation in all major well known organizations. Builders, developers, Government contractors, Government subsidiaries and franchisees have all placed their trust in the expertise and service we provide.

By developing excellent relationships with such a broad range of people, we are always stocked with sufficient quantities of the best products and materials required for all work orders.

Shree Krishna Engineering Company is a leading Water Supply material provider in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and all other major regional nearby states like Maharastra and other parts of India.

We are specialists in the Suppliers and Stockiest of domestic and nondomestic water services for the building and land development industries, and have an excellent record in achieving high customer satisfaction.

We also offer general plumbing works material and other specialised services for domestic and industrial customers, including Schools, Complexes, Contractors, Builders, Panchayat, Municipalities, Government and Semi Government Organizations, various villages and more.

We are also specialize in supply for various types of Valves, O- Ring, Flanges, Water Meter for water supply, backflow prevention valves, fire service, sewer blockage, and chemical industrial, petroleum  valves.

We have enjoyed continuous and rapid growth, which has been achieved through:

  • Working with a strong dedicated culture
  • Our commitment to operating under Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Systems
  • Quality as per Specifications
  • Excellent staff relations and continuous employment stability
  • Commitment to innovation and introduction of new technologies into our operations

It is our aim to continue our growth through maintaining our successful business philosophy of service excellence, and of being a reliable and valuable partner to our major contractors and customers in general.

From general plumbing to council under road and underground boring material, to water and fire service connections, to performing a complete water flow control valves, rainwater tanks, and leak detection services, Shree Krishna Engineering Company is really is a one-stop-shop to all your plumbing, sewerage needs.

There is no job too big for Shree Krishna Engineering Company in Plumbing. Keeping products and materials, technology, and machinery always available, we’re able to perform any task our clients demand.

We have a vast product range. To name them below mentioned are some few of them.

Product Range

  • Cast Iron  D/F Sluice Valve, Non Return Valve, Butter Fly Valve with ISI mark & Air valves
  • CI D/F Pipe, ISS: 1537 Cl-B, 7181 Class-B, 1536 class-B with ISI mark
  • CI Flanged & socketed fittings as per IS-1538 with ISI mark
  • CI plain ended fittings as per IS-5531
  • DI-fittings to IS-9523 with ISI mark
  • CI detachable joints as per IS-8794 for AC pressure pipe, PVC pipe,DI & CI pipes.
  • CI Expansion joints as per our drawings.
  • CI Dismantling/Detachable joints as per our drawings.
  • CI Double Acting & Single Acting Air Valve ISS:14845
  • CI Manhole Frame Cover & Cowl Ventilator
  • Single Faced Sluice Gates IS:3042
  • Rubber sealing Rings For Water, Gas and Sewage lines IS:5382
  • Butterfly Valves For General Purpose IS:13095
  • Underground Fire Hydrant Sluice Vlave Type IS:909 and Surface Boxes for Fire Hydrants
  • Fire Hydrant Stand Post Type IS:908
  • Surface Boxes for Sluice Valve IS:3950
  • PVC/HDPE/GRP Pipe & Fittings
  • MS & GI Pipe & Fittings &all kinds of repaired clamps.
  • CI & MS Flanges & bolts nuts
  • Gunmetal Valve & Fittings
  • Zero Velocity Valve & Air Cuasion Valve
  • Water Meter With stainer (Kranti Make)/Water Leval Indicator
  • Pressure Gauge / Electromagnetic Water Meter
  • Ferric Alum & Bleaching Powder
  • M.S.Bolts Nuts & Washer
  • All kinds of Rubber-rings
  • Chain pully blocks
  • Gun-metal Fire Hydrant and accessories.

 To name Some of our Valuable Clients following is the lost for your reference.

  • IVRCL Infrastructure & Project Ltd.
  • Larson & Tubro.
  • Ramky Infrastructure Ltd – Rajasthan
  • Electro Steel Infrastruture Service Ltd.
  • Nagarjuna Construction Co.
  • Modern Construction Co.
  • M S Khurana Engineer Ltd.
  • Modern Construction Company Ltd.
  • Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation
  • Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation.
  • Vallabh Vidyanagar Nagar Palika.
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Co.
  • Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone Ltd.
  • Adani Township of Real Estate Co.
  • Gujarat Industriel Development Corporation.
  • Gujarat Electricity Board.
  • Military Engineering Services.
  • Gujarat Urban Development Company.
  • Gujarat Water Resources Development Company 

We request you to register our name in your vender and send your requirement to us so we could fulfil it to our best.